20 This application will serve the critical needs of users login Windows Phone as social networking, work arrangements, messaging and free calls, reading software, sports practice ...

1. Amazing Weather HD


Amazing Weather HD helps you track weather information from outside the lock screen of the phone. Unlike some other software currently only sketchy information, Amazing Weather HD provides detailed information immediately outside of the lock screen. In addition, the application also informed overview of the 7 day weather, hourly weather data, warnings, satellite images ...

2. Epicurious


Epicurious collection of more than 30,000 recipes from famous restaurants such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, talented chefs and many other cookery books. Recipes are sorted into different categories, from food for the weekend for those little recipe when cooking. Epicurious users can share the menu with family and friends via email.

3. Evernote


Evernote helps you save your ideas and create items to remember as notes, snapshots, recordings and web search. Evernote sync information between smartphones, PC and the website. Evernote also integrated with social networks, allowing the "pin" notes to the screen.

4. Facebook


Facebook app is extremely essential for a modern smartphone users. The application allows you to update the status (state), see News Feed, read messages from your Facebook friends and check the calendar for upcoming events. Users can also upload photos to Facebook, visit the wall (Wall) friends. Facebook app on Windows Phone has beautiful sliding interface, allowing users to view new content updates, photos, events and notifications, all from the home screen.

5. Skype


Skype app supports almost all devices running Windows Phone 7.5 becomes. With Skype for Windows Phone, you can make voice calls, video calls over Wi-Fi or 3G. In addition, the app also supports instant messaging.

6. Foursquare


Foursquare is a social networking application but not like Facebook, this app lets you share your location with friends by "checking-in". When you "check-in" at a certain place, Foursquare will let your friends know where you are and advise you to go, what to do in that area. People can check-in many different kinds of places like cafes, bars, restaurants, home, office ...

7. ESPN Score Center


ESPN Score Center is an integrated software sports news. Application monitoring many hundreds of leagues of various sports.Users can track the latest news, hottest sports village, choosing to frequent updates on their favorite teams.

8. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a smartphone messaging application supports multiple platforms such as Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry. WhatsApp uses 3G connection or Wi-Fi to allow you to send messages to friends and relatives. On Windows Phone, this service allows free use in the first 12 months. WhatsApp has many outstanding features such as group chat, GPS location data and automatically switch between SMS and WhatsApp.

9. GoVoice


Not only does the new iPhone and Android smartphones using Google Voice. Free GoVoice gave this useful service to Windows Phone. With Free GoVoice, you can receive notification of voicemail messages and direct Google Voice on Windows Phone.

GoVoice allows you to make cheap long distance calls, send and receive SMS and Voicemail access the recorded message.

10. The Wonder Reader


Wonder Reader sync with Google Reader account to allow you to surf your favorite blogs, magazines and news sites in accordance with article title or avatar. Wonder Reader allows you to change the brightness and the dark background, change the font size ...

11. The Kindle


Amazon's Kindle app is indispensable for those who love reading. Provide more than 750,000 Kindle books to choose from, including new books and bestsellers. Function Whispersync will automatically synchronize information such as page read operation are reading this, bookmark and notes with other reading devices such as Kindle, so you continue reading on the device that.

12. Kayak


Are you prepared to travel and to learn about the flight or hotel reservation? Kayak will be useful applications. Kayak "scours" hundreds of travel sites to choose the most attractive prices. This application displays the results in a nice graphical user interface, intuitive. Users can sort the results by price level is hit, according to the price and star rating.

13. Marathon


Marathon is a useful application for those who regularly practice sports like jogging, biking. Application to record important data about the process of training such as speed, distance and calories that people consume episode. Marathon also records time and distance in various exercise sessions to assess your progress.

14. Netflix


If you register Netflix subscription, this app will bring thousands of movie, TV show in your reach. You can watch online video from anywhere, as long as the phone has a Wi-Fi or 3G. The application also makes it easy to select programs by genre or search by keyword.

15. The Pictures Lab


Do not completely at the mercy of the software in the default camera phone, download a photo editing software impressive, such as Pictures Lab. Pictures Lab offers a variety of standard image editing tools like crop, rotate and flip images. The application also supports convenient shooting functions such as face recognition. Pictures Lab comes several artistic filters such as HDR, Lomo, Sepia, and Soften. Additionally, Pictures Lab also reinforced hardware camera with auto-focus mode (auto focus), stabilization and face detection.

16. Spotify


Spotify music library of millions of tracks from many major record labels. Spotify allows you to listen to music online for free. If you want to download music for offline listening or enjoy all the features of securities mobile applications, you need to register subscribers for $ 10 per month.

17. MyTileMaker Pro


If you want to customize the Windows Phone screen or simply put reminder notes to highlight on the home screen, MyTileMaker Pro will help you do that.

MyTileMaker Pro users can create and "pin" to the home screen notes, lists or photos, change text size, color box (tile) ... Pro ​​comes MyTileMaker a great feature a picture is divided into many cells are very nice and artistic.

18. Twitter


Although not as advanced Twitter app for iOS and Android, Twitter for Windows Phone provides basic functions such as sending "tweets" and look for hot topics in real time. Users can also share photos and see the line "tweet" who's next.

19. The Xbox SmartGlass


You want to turn Windows Phone into a remote control for the Xbox gaming console? Xbox SmartGlass works with Xbox 360 game console, allowing you to control the game just by stroking, pressing the phone screen. Users can play games, game pause, fast forward, rewind the game on Xbox 360 remote Windows Phone.

20. GMaps Pro



If you are familiar with Google Maps and wish to have this service on Windows Phone, GMaps Pro would be the ideal choice.GMaps Pro offers Google Maps data correctly, the road comes the ability to find, locate, locate .... Though not rich by Google Maps app for Android, Windows Mobile GMaps Pro still provides a very good experience.